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Yearly Memberships Now Available! 

Sat. November 1st - Tues. December 23rd 2014 
Holiday Break Dec 24th- Dec 31st
7 Weeks
8:00am Hooping (hula) Mayleen (1hr) NEW

9:15am Intermediate Yoga* Pam Medina
10:45am Moderate/ Beginner’s (Call Ahead) Pam Medina

8 Weeks
10:00am Gentle/Beginner’s Rebecca Varno
4:45pm Gentle Yoga & Meditation Pam (1hr) NEW
6:00pm Yin Yang Yoga Pam Medina  (SOLD OUT)

10:00am Intermediate Yoga* Pam Medina
6:00pm Gentle/Beginner’s Jessica W.
7:30pm Moderate/Beginner’s Jessica W.

6 Weeks
4:15pm Moderate/Beginner’s Pam Medina NEW
5:45pm Intermediate Yoga* Pam Medina

10:00am Moderate/Beginner’s Pam Medina  
6:00pm Moderate/Beginner’s Pam Medina  (SOLD OUT)
7:30pm Gentle/Beginner’s Ruth Tietz

Intro to Feng Shui 
with Brenda Jenks

January 10, 10:00am-12:30pm

Feng Shui literally means Wind and Water. The Wind provides the movement or flow of chi (universal life force energy) which affects everything. The Water provides the container or receiver of chi. Feng Shui principles are designed to harmonize the surrounding influences. Learn more HERE or click HERE now to register! Participants should bring photos, blueprints or drawings of their space along with a notebook and pencil.

Must register by January 5th.

Inside The Yoga Lily, our 6pm Yin Yang class.
Picture edited by our beloved Teacher Trainee Jaime Pawlinga. 

Community Kirtan
An interfaith, dogma-free kirtan 
ng your instruments, voices, and & 
open heart to bring us into bhakti 
(devotional bliss). 
 Upcoming Dates: Jan 18th & Feb 28th
$11 donation, but nobody turned away! 
Click Here

A Chakra Asana & Philosophy Series 

One Saturday Per Month 

Yoga asanas, breathwork, yogic sleep, meditation, seals, bonds lead into a deeper understanding of your energy body. Join us for a journey through all 7 Chakras 
or just one.
January 17th-Sacral Chakra, Creation 
February 28th- Solar Plexus, Seat of Self 
March 28th- Heart Chakra, Divine Love 
April 24th- Communication Center 
May 16th - Third Eye, The Sixth Sense 
June 13th- Portal to Bliss, Unity, Oneness 
July 11th- Expanding Our Vibration, Aura
$25 Each 
Full Series: $150

Pam Medina working on adjustments with 2014 Teacher Training students.
January 2nd-February 28th
Note: You can make up classes anytime, space permitting.

8 Weeks
9:15am Interme
diate Yoga* Pam Medina 
10:45am Moderate/ Beginner’s Pam Medina
5:30pm Hooping Mayleen NEW
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4:45pm Gentle Yoga & Meditation Pam (1hr) NEW 
6:00pm Yin Yang Yoga Pam Medina

5:00am Hooping Mayleen NEW
10:00am Mixed Level Pam Medina 
11:30am Chair Yoga (45 min) Pam Medina 
6:00pm Gentle/Beginner’s Jessica W.
7:30pm Moderate/Beginner’s Jessica W.

4:30pm Moderate/Beginner’s Pam Medina
Note Time Change
6:00pm Intermediate Yoga* Pam Medina Note Time Change
7:30pm 40 Day Inner rEvolution 6wks Medina  Time Change

10:00am Moderate/Beginner’s Pam Medina
6:00pm Moderate/Beginner’s Pam Medina
7:30pm Gentle/Beginner’s Ruth Tietz NEW

7 Weeks
10:00am Gentle/Beginner’s Rebecca Varno
(Begins January 12th)

40 Day Inner rEvolution
with Pam Lunz Medina, E-RYT
Wednesday, January 28th-
Wednesday, February 11th 7:30pm

As the New Year approaches, it helps to look into the future, creating a vision for ourselves. Too often, the question, “What is your revolution?” stuns us. We know how we would like to change, but we don’t have a plan to set us on our transformative path, nor do we have the support system to really keep us on track. This program will support the vision you have for your Self.

6 Weeks Includes:
-Unlimited Yoga Classes
-Weekly Group Meetings, lead by inspirational yoga trainer . Our weekly meetings promote healthy living, cultivate motivation, will, and create a sacred container for you to share your experience.
-Meditation instruction and positive thinking skills will also be included.

Teacher Training 2015!  
It is NOT too early to think about enrolling in this life-changing program
1 Weekend Monthly for 10 Months Sept-June 2015
Friday Nights 6-9pm (3 hours)
Saturday 10am-6pm (8 hours)
Sunday 9:15 am- 5:15pm (8 hours)

Deepen your own practice! Become a Yoga Teacher! Embark on a sacred journey to the deep, beautiful, boundless, divine teacher within you! This course will change your life forever, your relationship with yourself, and the world!  

Thai Yoga Bodywork

A luscious combination of massage, reiki, acupressure, and yoga. A fully clothed practice. Receive gentle to deep stretching as you are palmed and pressed, moving you fluidly through yoga poses , releasing tension, relaxing muscles and soothing the mind as you rest in the present moment. To read Pam's article on Thai Yoga Bodywork click here.

90 Minute Thai Yoga Bodywork $75 
90 Minute Personal Yoga Coaching $75
(Home Visits Additional)

Restorative Yoga Workshop

Sunday, January 4th 1:00-3:00pm
Sunday, March 8th 1:00-3:00pm

Yummy yoga postures with the support of pillows, bolsters, blankets and loving hands makes this restorative yoga program a blissful mini retreat. Experience sacred space and quiet that your body and soul crave, as you rest in a healing yoga posture. The peace and sweetness of this workshop helps your body regenerate, repair, and recover.... aaaaaaah.  $25, 7 Days in advance, $20 Register.

Music Makes the People Come Together!
Sacred Drumming
Fridays, 7:30pm 
Jan 2nd, Feb 6th, Mar 6th
Light a candle, let yourself be free, dance, 
drum, sing, just be! Please RSVP. Donations 
welcome, but nobody turned away!
Suggested Donation: $11

Community Kirtan
Sunday, Dec 14th, Jan 18th, Feb 28th 4-5pm
Interfaith kirtan. Bring your instruments, 
voices & open heart to experience bhakti 
(devotional bliss).
Suggested Donation $11 nobody turned 


Welcome to The Yoga Lily. We invite you to have a peaceful experience through yoga, meditation, thai yoga bodywork, and other sacred events at our lovely yoga studio in Clifton Park, NY.  Owner & Director Pam Lunz Medina has been practicing yoga for over 21 years and brings her love of yoga, her wisdom, and her sense of humor to all of her classes.