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Beginner's & Beyond

Stage 1|Taught by Pam Medina, Founder, The Yoga Lily in Clifton Park

​​Honor your body just as it is with fun and creative ways to gain flexibility, strength and peace of mind. Join Pam Medina in the beautiful morning light of our Clifton Park studio. Pam teaches with a sweet, soulful, serene (and sometimes silly) style that will help you feel welcomed and fill you with a sense of power and ease.

This hatha yoga class uses ancient yoga techniques to help the body repair and recover naturally; as well as prevent illness and reduce the risk of injury. Hatha yoga poses can relieve pain, decrease inflammation, ring out the tension in your muscles and elevate emotional stress in the body. Hatha yoga breathing oxygenates the blood, promoting mental clarity and improves the vascular and respiratory systems. The relaxation and meditation techniques we learn in hatha yoga neutralize the nervous system, creating a sense of calm and quiet within.

Hatha yoga is a low impact form of physical movement done in a mindful way. Adaptations can be made for individuals. Must be able to get up and down from standing to the mat easily. In an open level hatha yoga class, variations will be offered to each student according to their needs and level of experience. This particular hatha yoga class is perfect for someone with a little experience, but not ready for an all intermediate class.

So, come enjoy a great experience each week! Make Hatha Yoga a part of your whole body care program! Your whole being will thank you! And your soul will love the heartfelt meaning Pam brings to each class, connecting body movement to loving nuggets of wisdom; sprinkled with a bit of wit and wonderment. :)

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