Brittany has worked in customer service for 10+ years and has 3+ years in managing. She obtained her Payroll Fundamental Certification in 2015 and is currently pursuing her own dream as a business owner herself, assisting business leaders with there everyday office needs. Brittany is happy to be a part of The Yoga Lily's team as their Administrator.

When she’s not supporting her business clients, Brittany loves her other job of stay at home Mom, a job her husband and young daughter fully support. She’s also been known to pick up a guitar and play a tune, and over the years has been the lead singer in several local bands in the Capital district.

Dr. Amina Mahmood is a NYS Licensed Psychologist with an interest in mindfulness based interventions. She has been taking yoga classes on-and-off since 2005, and began a regular practice in 2012. She recently completed the yoga teacher training with Pam Medina (of The Yoga Lily). She enjoys incorporating psychology and yoga and is excited to share the benefits of a mind-body approach on and off the mat. If you attend one of her classes, she is also likely to share her love of poetry with you!

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Her solo journey through India gave her opportunities to teach, serve, and learn. During her free time she is an activist, writer, musician, wife, shamanic drummer, dancer, poet, soul adventurer, and always a goddess! Her vision is for oneness to emerge through the authentic expression of our creative life force.

I have had a love of yoga since my late teenage years. I took classes in Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa styles. A few years ago I began practicing regularly at The Yoga Lily. I was so inspired by Integral yoga and Pam Medina’s creative and holistic classes that I decided to immerse myself in yoga and the yogic life style. I earned my 200 hour CYT right here at the Yoga Lily under the skillful and loving tutelage of Pam. Personally, I have struggled with anxiety, depression, and addiction for many years. Through recovery and my yoga practice I have a profound and loving relationship with my higher power and myself. By profession I am an Occupational Therapist and combine my knowledge and love for human anatomy into yoga asanas. I strive to bring joy, self-acceptance, and my love of yoga into each of my classes.  

Dr. Amina Mahmood, RYT

I have experimented off and on with meditation since my late teens, but never had a steadfast practice. I started having chronic pain in my upper back and neck as well as migraines in 2007. I tried conventional medicine, chiropractors and everything else under the sun to help stop the pain. Nothing was working and the pain became so bad I couldn't fall asleep. I started meditating before bed to help with this. After a few weeks, I began to get relief. The time it took to disconnect from the pain grew shorter, now it's only minutes.
Even though I was sleeping, I was still in pain all day and could barely move.Then I began to date my wife in 2010 and she dragged me to my first yoga class. (She was teaching it, of course.)    

Naturally, for me, it was the meditation and deep relaxation at the end of class that initially kept me interested in yoga. Before long I started noticing the physical benefits of yoga.

I went from barely being able to look both ways at a stop sign, to almost full range of motion. My daily pain level went from 8-9 down to a 2-3.Oh my God! I am human again! And it's all thanks to yoga!
When I had the opportunity to take Yoga Teacher Training, I couldn't pass it up. I took the training for personal growth with no intention of teaching. This was out of my fear of expressing myself, especially publicly or to strangers. The Training has expanded my love for yoga and myself. The Teachings have given me the desire to share my knowledge and teach. More importantly the courage to do so. I hope to see you in a class soon!

Reinaldo A. Medina, RYT

Pam is said to be on the cutting edge of yoga teacher’s, not afraid to share or teach what others refrain from. She has been trained in many healing arts and is the daughter of two interfaith ministers. Her father is a Reiki master. Her mother is a theologian. She has been blessed to be raised in an environment where spiritual energy is a reality. 
Pam’s life path calls her to quench the thirst of the soul for authentic truth, freedom of expression, and complete union. She became a Reiki practitioner at the age of 19, and began to study shamanism in her early twenties. Her college years sparked an interest in activism and she blossomed into a community organizer, radiating into the southern Adirondacks. Pam was founder and organizer of The Living Earth Celebration and Pray For Peace in Glens Falls, NY after 9/11. 
After years of activism, and trying to make a shift from the outside in, she realized that the change would not come from the outer world, change had to come from the inside. Yoga helped her to shift from urgent activism to living sacred ecology, a complete change of lifestyle. She began to embark on the true journey of yoga, the one that begins within.

Originally certified in Integral Yoga, she continued her studies in Kundalini, Tantra, Meditation, Trance Dance, and Mindful Living. She believes that now is the time to rise up, speak our truth (satya) and liberate ourselves. In a world consumed with unfulfilling desires, yoga can help be our guide to true happiness. Yoga can set us free. 

Her greatest joy is sharing with others the tools she has been blessed with on her sacred journey. She is the proud founder of The Yoga Lily, director of The Yoga Lily Teacher Training, and winner of the Reader's Choice Award's in Community News, her work has been published in Natural Awakenings and Healing Springs. She has been covered in the Post Star, the Chronicle, and has been a guest speaker on CBS and interviewed on ABC. She continues to keep it real, her yoga alive and the teachings! 

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Pam Lunz Medina (Chandra Devi) began her study of yoga 24 years ago to fulfill a college requirement. Little did she know, it would lead her to a new way of life, spiral her deep into her soul and spark a calling to share it with the world. Through her yoga practice and a deep connection to the divine, she had overcome depression and smoking. She has also lost 100 lbs and learned to love the body she is in.
She received her certification in 2006 at Satchidanada Ashram, where she has assisted in teacher trainings led by Swami Dayananda and Swami Divyananda. She spent 2 years voluntarily living without running water or electricity in the Ozark Mountains, which kindled a profound connection to the Earth Mother and meditative consciousness. 

Pam Lunz Medina, E-RYT, Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Director of Yoga Teacher Training


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