Beginners & Moderate Yoga Classes

Blessed Back Care Yoga

It's hard to feel the blessings all around us when we are in pain and discomfort. Blessed Back Care Yoga focuses on relieving tired, uncomfortable muscles in your back, creating freedom of movement and mobility in the spine. We will simultaneously strengthen weak muscles that are commonly associated with back pain. You can expect lots of hip openers, twists, hamstring stretches, core strengthening, mild back bends and spinal flexes. This class concludes with a 15 minute guided relaxation which will help you eliminate stress. This is essential for rejuvenating back health!
As always, Pam will include her personal touch and spiritually uplifting message to benefit of your body, mind and entire being. Be Blessed! Be Back Blessed!

Gentle Yoga
These are great yoga classes for beginners, those with stress looking to relax and cultivate peace of mind, and those interested in relieving tension or pain while comfortably developing strength.  A slow-paced, mindful practice that utilizes props to bring you to your deepest level of relaxation. Offer your body and mind a mini "stay-cation" every week. All props are provided by the yoga studio; all you need to bring is yourself. Some classes may incorporate elements of sound healing.

Level I (Beginners)
A moderate yoga workout focused on basic pranayama (breathing), proper alignment, meditation, relaxation, pain relief, strength development, and self discovery. This yoga class is suitable for, but not limited to, beginners. Those having taken some time away from the mat or are recovering from an injury may enjoy this basic introduction to yoga. Includes movements that require you to move from the mat to standing. All props provided and all are welcome!

Sweet and Kind Yoga
Focus on relaxation, meditation, breathwork, and postures all working together to heal the body. Whether you are recovering from an injury, have been inactive for a while, or if you want a gentle introduction to yoga with lots of warmups, this may be the right yoga class for you. Learn how to listen to and honor your body, adapt postures for your personal practice, breathe to heal and spend time in meditation.​

Intermediate Yoga Classes

Level II (Intermediate)​
For yogis and yoginis with an established yoga practice and a desire for more challenging options in their asana and pranayama, while maintaining a spiritual approach to the sacred art of yoga. Intermediate yoga classes offer opportunities to deepen your body awareness, mental consciousness, energy flow, as well as relaxation. Familiarity with Level I yoga practices is required for this intermediate yoga class. We go deeper in every aspect of the body, mind, and soul; building another delicious layer into your practice.

Yin Yang Yoga
Begin by warming up the body, then go deeper into the tendons, fascia, and ligaments with yin yoga poses. This slow paced, meditative approach to yoga increases flexibility, promotes healthy organs, boost the immune system, and stills the mind, allowing for the benefits of yoga to be absorbed.
Props provided for any needed support.

​Mixed Level Yoga Classes

Level I & II
Good for advanced beginner's and intermediate yogis and yoginis. Enjoy the mixed level yoga class that offers a wide range of variations that will help you progress in your yoga practice. You can take it easy with the Level I variations or test your comfort-level with Level II variations; the choice is yours and students are encouraged to listen to and be kind to their bodies!
This class is not suited for first-timers or beginners.




~Pam Medina

Yoga Classes for All !

Gentle and Moderate Yoga for Beginners, Intermediate Yoga, and Meditation

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