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Our course enrollment structure makes it easy for you to integrate yoga into your life. Enroll today through MINDBODY Online to start or continue on your path to oneness with your mind and body. If you miss a class during your course, you can make it up anytime during the course session.

We are always exploring new opportunities, classes and courses to offer, so if you don’t see exactly what it is you’re looking for or aren’t sure which class course would best fit you, please give us a call at 518-744-5565. We’d love to talk to you about the endless possibilities for personalized growth and the development of your yoga practice. Our local yoga study is located in Clifton Park and we have students from all over the Capital Region (Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga, Glens Falls, and everywhere in between) come and enjoy our welcoming space for yoga classes and peaceful meditation.

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1 Barney Road #222 Clifton Park, NY

The Yoga Lily is excited to offer a wide variety of yoga courses, ranging from Gentle and Beginner's yoga classes to more Intermediate yoga classes for those who’ve established a regular practice. For those that are inspired to teach, we also offer Yoga Teacher Trainings. Whether this is your first time moving your body, or if you are an athlete seeking greater mobility, you'll find something for your physical needs at The Yoga Lily in Clifton Park. We teach yoga as a path to make our lives sacred and to live in harmony with one another and ourselves, as the ancient yogis taught yoga (union).  

Developing a Lifelong Yoga Practice at Any Stage

Through our many diverse yoga classes and courses, based on the style of yoga, level of skill and ability, our yoga studio will be a source of grounding through all of life’s phases. We believe you’re never too young or old; you’re never incapable of developing a healthy yoga practice. It is simply about finding the right teacher or team of teachers.

With morning yoga classes, afternoon classes, and evening yoga classes, our local yoga studio and certified yoga teachers are dedicated to helping each student develop their personal yoga practice within their busy schedule.

Make time for yourself and time for yoga by enrolling in any one of our available yoga course today.