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Frequently Asked Question About Our Yoga Studio 

Benefits of Yoga 

First of all, it feels so darn good! When you first begin yoga, it may feel uncomfortable, but that feeling quickly transforms into sweet release and relaxation. Yoga helps us to manage our stress levels, gives us tools to cope with life, improves our range of motion, increases flexibility, tones and strengthens our muscles, soothes our mind, helps us to experience deep peace and restores us to sanity in an crazy world. Yoga teaches us to feel connected to ourselves, our loved ones, and to all of life. Through a dedicated yoga practice, our bodies recover more quickly, our minds gain calmness and clarity, and our hearts grow sweet. Yoga helps us to relax, we worry less and sleep better at night. We live more freely and more at ease in our own skin. We begin to feel whole again.

Yoga Lily Studio Hours

The studio is open for yoga classes only.


Phone calls are returned within 24-48 hours. 



We respond to emails within 72 hours. ​

We do not answer our phone or emails during scheduled class time.

​What should I wear and bring?

Wear comfy clothing, bring a water bottle, and a mat if you have one. 
You may borrow a mat from the studio and we provide organic mat cleaner to use after your use free of charge. :) 
We have plenty of props for you to use during your yoga class including,  bolsters, straps, blankets, and eye pillows. 
Leave valuables & jewelry at home.
Please silience your cellphones (vibrate is quite loud in the studio). 

Where do I put my things when I arrive?
We leave our shoes in the hallway and bring our personal items into the studio space. 
We have a large wire rack when you enter on the left. 

Do you have changing rooms?
No, but there are several bathroom stalls throughout the building you may use before our after you get your yoga on. 

I am new to yoga, what should I expect?
What a blessing it is to be able to share these ancient teachings and techniques with you! Yoga literally translates to union, or unity. We are a very down to earth group where you can feel free to relax and be at home in our studio. There is no competition and much of the class your instructor will encourage the group to go within, keeping your awareness to yourself. So, folks aren't looking around at anyone else, they are feeling the yoga pose within themselves. We honor our honor bodies every step of the way without comparing our body to any other body.  Here at The Yoga Lily, we pride ourselves on adapting yoga to make it work for you. 

   Please arrive a few minutes early to class to discuss your needs & concerns with an instructor.  If you would like help being placed in the proper class for your needs please contact the studio and we would love to help you. As a general rule, if you have movement restrictions, injuries, or are just looking to relax, still to the yoga classes with the word "gentle" in the title. If you are new to yoga in general then anything labeled Beginner's is for you. If you have experience, and you already know words like asana and pranayama, then you can probably jump right into a Hatha Vinyasa, Yin Yang class or Flow class. 

This class isn't working for me

No worries! If you signed up for a class and it is not working for you for any reason, you can switch to a different course during your session. 

How often should I attend a class?

It is better to have some yoga than no yoga at all. Many people like to attend a class as a once per week treat as a beautiful gift to give to themselves, and we are so happy for that. If you are looking for real change, then please consider attending 2-3 classes per week. 

Registering for classes online & in-person
You may pay with cash or check only in person. If you are using a credit card, then please sign up online. ​

Class Cancellation

In the event we need to cancel a class for any reason, your class course will be extended by 1 week.

We will inform you through Remind, a private text and email. Sign up for emergency notifications here
Please be mindful that our instructors are coming from Saratoga, Warren and Albany County. 

Holiday Hours
Christmas Eve - New Year's Day - Closed

Easter Sunday - Closed

Mother's Day - Closed

Memorial Day Weekend (Sat- Mon)  - Closed

Father's Day - Closed

Fourth Of July - Closed

Labor Day (Sat-Mon) - Closed

Columbus Day Weekend (Sat-Mon)- Closed

Thanksgiving (Thurs- Sun)- Closed

Late Arrivals
We do our best to practice compassion, but it is disturbing when someone arrives late to class. Do your best to arrive 15 minutes early so that you will not be panicked to get into class. If you have to arrive late, then please enter the room silently. Please wait until after our centering portion and wait until you can hear the instruction for the yoga poses being given. 


From time to time our teachers need a little time for tender loving care. During these times, we will find an appropriate sub. Typically these subs are trained directly by Pam Medina and are fellows you see practicing at the yoga studio right along side of you. :)

We have 2 parking lots on the right and left of the building. Parking is not usually a problem, but if one if full, please check the other. There is also plenty of street parking in needed. 

Yoga etiquette
While in the studio please refrain from: talking on the phone, chewing gum, drinks other than water. Remove your shoes, silence your phone, practice cleanliness and please be fragrance-free. Arrive 5-10 minutes early, if it's your first time, 15 minutes early. 

Free Yoga Classes
Every year, we offer a Free Community Yoga Day. Pam is also open to trading yoga with talented individuals from time to time, depending on her needs. Cleaning the studio, tech support, massage, and farm fresh food are ways she has traded in the past.


We are located in a quiet area in Clifton Park at 1 Barney Road, Suite 222. We a situated on a lovely little pond in side the Old Barney Road Clubhouse.  Our building is being renovated, so please bare with us as we go through this transition.


I honor the divine within you and know we are one. 


The cosmic sound of the universe; the waves arising, people talking, children playing, stars being born, comets shooting, you breathing. 

Can I Bring My Kid To Yoga Class?
We love that you want to share yoga with your child. We are focus on creating a peaceful environment for all at The Yoga Lily. We do offer a 15 minute deep relaxation during your yoga class, which is essential for healing the mind, body and soul. As a rule of thumb, you can bring your child with you if they can remain still and quiet and listen to the instructions of the yoga teacher. We find if you must reinforce instructions to your child then it does not serve you and it can be a distraction from the deep quiet place we are focusing on within during your class. 

If your teenager would like to attend class without you, please be sure to inform them of our policy of conduct. We will also need a phone number to call in the event of an emergency. Be aware that nobody will be responsible or available to wait with your child for a ride. Also be aware that your instructor may speak very openly about adult issues and will not refrain if your child is present. 

Drop-In/Single Class Purchase Policy
  Please understand we can not guarantee; entry into the studio, that class is running, a mat space, or late admittance. For safety purposes doors are often locked shortly after class begins. For the best experience arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class. First come, first served.

Refund Policy
No Refunds. No Exceptions.