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Do you have aches and pains? 

Are you searching for peace and relaxation? 

Do you want to regenerate from your regular exercise routine? 

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions - Gentle Yoga With Thai Yoga Release is the class for you! 

In this Gentle Yoga class, most of the movement will be done down on the mat as we move through luxurious yoga postures that soothe both the body and the spirit. Pam Medina is an expert yoga teacher (E-RYT) and will supported you in each and every yoga pose, offering you props and modifications as needed. She is a very reassuring and nurturing yoga teacher interested in your restoration. We sometimes call this “The Messy Class”, as every prop in the studio typically comes off the shelves! LOL!

Gentle Yoga is a practice that is done in an easeful and peaceful way, focusing on “undoing” the knots in our body and the kinks in our weary mind. We emphasize rejuvenating the body’s muscles with poses that reduce tension, relieve pain, and forget our “To Do” list. The yoga poses move slowly, in a meditative and compassionate way. This approach helps to induce a state of relaxation, elevating the sense of urgency we often carry with us throughout our day, causing muscular and emotional strain. The deep breathing practices smooth out the tangled nervous system, help us rest in a serene state. We complete the class with a guided Yoga Nidra to further your deep peaceful experience.

Thai Yoga Release is a combination of massage, acupressure, and a yoga adjustment all wrapped up into one package. Pam studied directly with Kam Thye Chow, author of Thai Yoga Massage; and is an excellent compliment to any slow moving yoga practice. The Thai Yoga helps you surrender into the poses, allowing you to relax more deeply into the pose and promote greater flexibility and elasticity on the muscles and tendons. Plus, it feels really, really good!

In a group class, the amount of Thai Yoga Release you receive will be determined on the size of the group and the particular pose being taught. Pam will determine which is most important to your health, as well as the need of each individual client. You are welcome to speak with Pam before or after class about any particular needs or goals. Pam will ensure everyone gets equal time throughout the class. She is also happy to accommodate clients that would like to attend this gentle evening yoga class, but prefer not to receive Thai Yoga. For more info and to see a video of Pam giving Thai Yoga, go here.  

You’ll leave this class feeling laid-back, regenerated and ready to get a great night’s sleep! Enjoy a restful laid-back evening every week! You deserve to feel whole again, and again, and again! 

Experience a gentle Hatha yoga class using blocks, bolster pillows, straps, blankets, and more to assist your body and mind in finding your unique expression of release in each posture.  

In this safe space, there's no pressure to do anything you're uncomfortable with. Each body is different and will come to class every week with something new to teach us.  

Teachings include meditation, stress relieving techniques, ways to improve your posture, and so much more. Leave feeling refreshed, restored, and inspired to bring the teachings of yoga into your day to day activities. We sincerely look forward to practicing with you!

Gentle Yoga With Props and Thai Yoga Release

 Stage Now|Taught by Pam Medina, E-RYT, Founder of The Yoga Lily in Clifton Park, NY