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Hatha Vinyasa

Stage 2|Taught by Pam Medina, Owner of The Yoga Lily

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Enjoy this mixed level yoga class that builds upon the concepts of basic yoga with challenging asana and pranayama. Students will be offered a variety of stage II yoga poses to invite you out of your comfort zone and encourage the building of a deeper, well-rounded yoga practices.

Once you have mastered the yoga roots class, we recommend a minimum of 36 classes; (how fast you progress is up to your attendance) you are ready for vinyasa yoga classes. Taught with less instruction than The Yoga Lily Stage 1 yoga class, this class is best suited for students that have excelled in a beginner's yoga class and are interested in taking their practices to the next level with the gentle introduction of more challenging yoga poses. 

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa simply means we move swiftly from one pose to the next without breaking the flow from pose to pose. You will learn how to confidently transition from one pose into another, while keeping your alignment and integrity of the spine. The instruction moves more quickly, except when new poses are being introduced. You will develop skills in new, more intermediate yoga poses, and also focus on increasing your strength and flexibility. We build a little more heat in this class then in Stage 1, with plenty of time to cool down in the later portion of the class, embracing familiar and new yoga poses for longer periods of time, reducing stress, and entering a zone of blissful peace. 

Above all else, this is a class of choice, of exploration, and finding balance as you experiment with intermediate yoga concepts.You can take it easy with the stage I variations or test your comfort-level with stage II variations. Students are encouraged to listen to and be kind to their bodies and take the transition from stage I to stage II asanas at their personal pace. 

This class is not suited for first-timers or beginners who may get the most out of our Level I class which is taught with more explanation and instruction than this mixed level yoga class.

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