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Hatha Vinyasa

Stage 2|Taught by Pam Medina, Founder, The Yoga Lily of Clifton Park

Enjoy Pam Medina's Hatha Vinyasa course, a well-balanced yoga class that uses the creativity of vinyasa to warm and explore the body and the alignment of hatha yoga to stabilize the muscles, joints and core. This course that builds upon the concepts of basic yoga with challenging asana and pranayama and practices, as well as deeper yogic concepts. Students will be offered a variety of Stage 2 yoga poses to invite you out of your comfort zone and encourage an enhanced, explorative yoga practice.

This well-rounded yoga practice is for those confident with their alignment of the basics poses, as we move more quickly for much of the class. We recommend a minimum of 6 mos Beginner's Hatha Yoga classes; but feel free to talk with one of our instructors if you feel you are ready for this earlier. This Hatha Vinyasa course is taught with less instruction and we sometimes move move quickly or hold poses longer with deeper intent.

Vinyasa yoga simply means we move swiftly from one pose to the next without breaking the flow from pose to pose. You will learn how to confidently transition from one pose into another, while keeping your alignment and integrity of the spine. You will develop skills in new, more intermediate yoga poses, and also focus on increasing your strength and flexibility. We build a little more heat in this class then in Beginner's Hatha Yoga, with plenty of time to cool down in the later portion of the class, embracing familiar and new yoga poses for longer periods of time, reducing stress, and entering a zone of blissful peace. 

Hatha yoga encourages us to taste each yogic technique fully. Sometimes the flavor will be what it's like to move swiftly. Sometimes the yoga posture will be a long delicious hold, letting the pose sink down into our bones. Pam's Hatha Vinyasa class allows for us to savor the beauty of both these yoga styles. We also begin to explore the energetic body in this class. 

Above all else, this is a class of choice, of inquiry, and finding balance as you experiment with intermediate yoga concepts. You can take it easy with the Beginner's variations or test your comfort-level with intermediate variations. Students are encouraged to listen and be kind to their bodies. 

This class is not suited for first-timers or beginners who may get the most out of our Beginner's Hatha Yoga class which is taught with more explanation and instruction.