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Hatha Yoga 1

Stage 1|Taught by Assorted Yoga Teachers

We start all of our beginner yoga students off by introducing yoga basics, the fundamental roots, through a steady hatha yoga practice that is easy to follow and understand. Hatha yoga is the oldest expression of yoga consisting of slow steady movement and breath.

Whether you are new to yoga or new to moving your body, or simply new to our style, this class is right for you! Study the alignment of yoga postures. You will learn how to execute the 50 most common beginner yoga pose safely, with alignment, and better understand each pose benefits you. If you want to maintain or increase flexibility and range of motion, or you need to destress, relax, and come home to yourself, this is the place to start. If you're stuck in the mundane, or you need to clear your mind, or get inspired this class will transport you into yoga- in its true form- as a body, mind, spirit practice. 

Hatha Yoga has long been a helpful practice to relieve common symptoms, such as backache, headache, digestive discomfort, blood pressure regulation, anxiety, stiffness, and weight loss. If you fear starting something new, or you've been turned off by yoga before due to attending a fast paced class with little to no explanation, have no worries, The Yoga Lily prides its class on being a true yoga studio for beginners, as well as true students of yoga. In a non-judgmental fashion, our yoga instructors silently keep the pace appropriate for beginners, props are provided, with options for hands on assisting (not required), and blankets and pillows provided during guided deep relaxation.  

All of our teachers were personally trained by Pam Medina, E-RYT 500 through her extensive 9 Month Yoga Teacher Training Program (200 HR). Teachers are trained in anatomy and physiology, conscious movement, the benefits and contraindications of each yoga pose, the philosophy and psychology of yoga, as well as the energy body, guided relaxation and an introduction to meditation. Pam has been a student of yoga for 25 years in the US, Canada and India.

Learn the very basics of Hatha Yoga; how to sit crossed-legged comfortably, stand with correct posture, how to do the yogic breath, how to OM, and the proper alignment for each beginner yoga postures. The perfect pace to start for individuals that can easily get up and down off the floor without assistance. (If you need assistance, please read the descriptions for Gentle Yoga.)

By the end of this beginners yoga class, you will feel your entire system has been rejuvenated! You will breath more deeply. Your body will feel soothed from the stretching and strengthening. Your mind will be peaceful. Your emotional state will be calm from the relaxation practices. Your body, mind and soul will feel unified. Come as you are and leave uplifted, inspired and easeful.

"Love Yourself More!" Pam Medina, Owner

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