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Enjoy this Free 15 Meditation designed to help us accept ourself as we are in this moment. Find a comfy seat before you begin. 

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Spirit rising meditation is designed to help us start at the basic roots of meditation; getting grounded and rooted into what we already have, connected to gratitude and the abundance we have living here on earth. This fundamental level of our lives is all that is physical and all that is needed for us to survive as human beings. This is the first chakra, or wheel of reality. As spiritual seekers, we know that there is more. 

This 8 week meditation journey will take us through each level of reality, week by week, chakra by chakra. We will focus on our earthly connection with the planet, our creative energy, our sense of self, unconditional love, living our truth, heightening our sense of intuition, and our infinite oneness with the Source/Creator/God. 


Coming Again This Spring

Elevate your mood and your energy while developing calming relaxation techniques. Explore meditation techniques that will help release tension in your body and calm your busy mind. Learn how to meditate comfortably, creating your own personal practice in a confidential peaceful setting. Experience greater peace in your life.

Pam Medina has been meditating regularly for over 10 years. She had studied meditation in India and at Satchidanada Ashram Virginia with the revered Swami Karunanada and Swami Priyananda. The practice helps her keep her cool while running her business, trainings, retreats, workshops and being a full time wife, daughter, and friend. She will guide us step by step to develop the skills we need to relax, be present, and enjoy our living experience.

  • Includes Handouts
  • Open Dialogue with Pam Medina and Meditation Community
  • AND One year access to the Meditations We Will Learn and The Will Build!

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