Why become a member?

The Yoga Lily is not just a place to get a yoga workout. It is a community of people that share the same interest in being healthy, happy, and living a sacred life no matter what their religious or spiritual beliefs are. We practice yoga on a regular basis, depending on our availability and commitment level as a way to live more peacefully, joyfully and vibrantly.

How do I become a member?

Simply create your account and select how you would like to pay. We have an easy Monthly Auto-Pay plan or a Yearly Flex Pass to choose from. 

What is the difference between these two plans?

Monthly Auto-Pay allows you to pay as you go with options to choose your pace at 1,2,3 or unlimited times per week.

Yearly Flex Pass gives you the freedom to take 1 class once week, then 3 the next week, etc. Purchase the number of classes you want to create your own pace throughout the year. Choose from 52, 104, 156, or unlimited Yearly Flex Passes.

If I purchase 1 class per week for the month can I attend only 1 every 7 days for the month?

Yes, that is correct. The memberships are designed to help you create a steady rhythm for your life. Regular yoga practice is essential for the improvement of your mobility, strength and peace of mind.

Can I take 2-3 classes in one week with my 1x weekly auto-pay, and the 4th class later on in that same month?
With our Flex Pass, a member can come and go as they please. Essentially a member purchases all of there classes in one bulk package. If you run out of classes, simply let us know and we can refresh your Flex Pass early!

Do I have to take the same class(es) every week?

Nope! You can take any class you want!

What if I miss a week?

You can receive up to 5 make ups throughout the year. Just let us know you are using a make up class or email Brittany at administrator@theyogalily.com.

What if I want to take an additional class?

We have a special $12 rate for Members Only (normally $20). Just let us know you are adding on a class or email Brittany: administrator@theyogalily.com. 

What if I want to upgrade to more classes per week?

Simply let us know and we will upgrade your membership level anytime. Email Brittany at administrator@theyogalily.com.

What if I need to downgrade or cancel? 

You must give us 30 days notice to downgrade or cancel your membership. 

Will my classes rollover if I don't use them all in a month?

We want to keep you motivated, so classes do not rollover. If you miss a a class, you can use a make up class to 5 times per year.

What if I go away for an extended period?

If you have a planned vacation, or if your a snow bird, simply let Brittany know 30 days in advance and we will pause your account during your absence. You can contact her at administrator@theyogalily.com.

What happens to my Childbearing Membership when I have my baby?
We've got your back mama! Just let us know your baby's birthday and we will pause your account. If you've already paid for the month, no worries! You can use the remaining month when you come back for postnatal yoga with or without your newborn!

What if I get sick, have an injury or and emergency?

Compassion is an important part of our yoga practice here at The Yoga Lily. Of course, if you get sick , have an injury or have an emergency we will pause your membership. Simply send us a a doctor's note and we would love to help you. Your health , happiness, and well-being is important to us.

What if the studio closes do to inclement weather? 

If the studio closes do to weather, then we will credit those students that were signed into the class at the time of cancellation in the event they can not attend any of the other classes we offer within their 7 day period. 

What if my favorite class is cancelled?

​We very rarely cancel a class that has clients enrolled in it. Be sure to enroll in your class to save your space and let your teacher know you are coming. With so many classes to choose from, if a class did get cancelled, it should not be a problem to attend a different class time. We offer classes 7 days a week morning, afternoon, and evening. 

Do I have to register for classes even if I have a membership?

We highly encourage you to register in advance for your classes. Pam looks at the schedule regularly to see if members are signed up. If nobody is registered to attend, she assumes members aren't interested. She will cancel the class for the week. 

Can I schedule the same class continuously?

Yes. You can select Schedule a Recurring Class on the schedule page. Then chose your class. Select the date range appropriate for your level of membership. 

What forms of payment do you accept? 

You can use your credit or debit card for your Monthly Auto-Pay. You may use a check to pay for single classes or the Yearly Flex Pass only.

What if I have additional questions?

Please reach out to us. We'd love to hear from you. Email Brittany at administrator@theyogalily.com . Or you can reach us at 518-744-5565. 


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