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Men's Yoga

Stage 1|Taught by Reinaldo Medina

In this yoga class for men, there won't be women around telling you what to do, just me; a normal guy who started yoga 'cause he was in a lot of pain and had exhausted every other option out there before taking yoga with his wife. Should have listened to her earlier; sometimes they are right! But it's not always easy admitting they are or letting them see us when we feel vulnerable. And sometimes you just don't want a women around. So that's why this is Men's Yoga!

The Benefits of Yoga for Men

Whether you're looking for pain relief, building strength, or gaining flexibility and mobility, yoga for men will help. As a side effect you also can become calmer and less stressed out. 

When I started my yoga teacher training I was recovering from knee surgery then, before I ended,  I had a shoulder injury from work that I was learning through. I also struggled with being overweight. So I know how to work with a body that's not quite at 100% and know what helps to getting back to feeling that way. 

The mens yoga classes will vary in focus from strength or flexibility, or from pranayama (breathing exercises) to meditation. But every class ends with Deep Relaxation to calm the mind and body!

Yoga is not a "one and done" and your fixed immediately - developing a mens yoga routine is part of the deal; it takes time and practice to reap the benefits of men's yoga. But even after one class you will feel the benefits of simply letting everything else in life go and just being with your true self and feeling peace!

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