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Blossom  Radiate

Mixed Level I & II Yoga

 with Pam Medina, Owner of The Yoga Lily

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Enjoy this mixed level yoga class that builds upon the concepts of basic yoga with challenging asana and pranayama. Students will be offered a variety of level II yoga poses to invite you out of your comfort zone and encourage the building of a deeper, well-rounded yoga practices. We'll weave different pranayama throughout our flow as a way to connect more deeply with our bodies and the collective breath.

Taught with less instruction than The Yoga Lily Level I yoga class, this class is best suited for students that have excelled in a beginner's yoga class and are interested in taking their practices to the next level with the gentle introduction of more challenging yoga poses. 

Above all else, this is a class of choice, of exploration, and finding balance as you experiment with Level II yoga concepts.You can take it easy with the Level I variations or test your comfort-level with Level II variations. Students are encouraged to listen to and be kind to their bodies and take the transition from Level I to Level II asanas at their personal pace. 

This class is not suited for first-timers or beginners who may get the most out of our Level I class which is taught with more explanation and instruction than this mixed level yoga class.