No more excuses, PILATES MAT is coming to the YOGA LILY!   Sign up now for a Pilates Mat class to be offered at The Yoga Lily.

Pilates is meant to strengthen core muscles, focus on the breath with movement and improve balance and stability.  Students will find many benefits from the body/mind connection Pilates offers.

Two levels will be available for students to choose from:

Beginner Mat Session :  Beginner mat class is an introductory class to Pilates.  Participants  will learn the fundamentals of classical Pilates as practiced by Joseph Pilates.  All exercises are performed on the floor with a mat.  Flow, precision, concentration and centering are emphasized with proper control and breathing.

Open Mat Session : Open Mat is open to both beginners and intermediate clients.  This floor routine works to strengthen flow and transitions of exercises for a more seamless workout.  This class will continue to strengthen the core/powerhouse and emphasize the secondary powerhouse, the shoulder girdle.

Barbara Carpenter, Comprehensive Certified Pilates Instructor, will be teaching both the Beginner and Open Mat Sessions.

Barbara, a student herself practicing Pilates for over 10 years, received her certification through Beacon Pilates.  Barbara values the benefits of Pilates and continues to expand her abilities and knowledge of Pilates.   Her commitment to Pilates has come full circle as she now enjoys sharing her knowledge of Pilates with students and guiding them into an exercise program that is life changing.

Experience PILATES MAT today!  Call Barbara with any questions and to REGISTER for one of the sessions, 518.312.8547 or 

Don't miss out!  Register today!

Classes will be limited to 5 students per class.

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