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Prenatal Yoga

 Stage Now | Taught by Melia Gordon, birth and postpartum doula, lactation educator/counselor

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Trust your body. Trust your baby. Trust yourself.

Pregnancy is a time of questions. Can I do that exercise? What is going on with my body? Am I ready to give birth?

Prenatal yoga and yoga for childbearing will help you start to find those answers. Melia’s background and experience as a mother of 3 brings a unique perspective that will help you find calm amidst the chaos.

Prenatal yoga asana can help with common pregnancy symptoms - nausea, varicose veins, back pain - and can help you strengthen your core to help with your shifting center of gravity. Blending the normal mental and physical benefits of hatha yoga with discussions about what birth in America looks like today tailors prenatal yoga for childbearing to your body and mind as it is changing now. Prenatal yoga techniques for breath control, relaxation, and stress management complete the package to make this the ideal tool to take with you into the birthing process. All of this will help you trust yourself more as you take this journey into parenthood so you feel more prepared to embrace your new life journey.

Once your baby is Earth side, prenatal yoga for childbearing will still be there to help you navigate the fourth trimester. We will continue to use yoga’s strengthening benefits for the core, back, and pelvic floor while learning to release tired shoulders, so you can comfortably cradle your new baby. Yoga for childbearing will continue the education component with what you can expect in those early months postpartum, as well as offering support for feeding your baby. The prenatal and postpartum techniques for relaxation and stress management will help you unwind and rest when your body needs it so you can explore this new life. Baby may join you in class until they are mobile so you have time to connect with this new person while maintaining your connection with your Self.

Those interested in prenatal yoga in Saratoga Springs, NY and Albany, NY can enjoy convenient local prenatal yoga classes at our Clifton Park yoga studio.