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At this stage you’re a quite familiar with many yoga poses, and it is time to dive even deeper into our advanced yoga practice with Kundalini Shakti awareness. After attending your previous 108 yoga classes, your body is healthy enough, your mind is clear enough, and your heart is open enough to study the ancient Oneness techniques.

In this advanced yoga class, we learn how to connect with Shakti energy, how to feel the Kundalini within us, and how to raise our own energetic vibration.

Sadhana literally means to accomplish something with skillful reverence. Advanced yogis and yoginis will focus on balancing the energetic centers in the body (chakras) and tap into these centers with the use of asana, pranayama, meditation, and life action steps. This advanced yoga class is not for the closed minded, be ready for anything and everything here.

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Shakti Chakra Sadhana

Stage 4|Taught by Pam Medina, Owner of The Yoga Lily