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Shakti Chakra Sadhana

A Mystical Yoga Experience

Taught by Pam Medina, Founder, The Yoga Lily, Clifton Park

Once you are quite familiar with many yoga poses, and it is time to dive even deeper into the mystical practice of yoga with Kundalini Shakti awareness. After attending a year or more of yoga classes, your body is healthy enough, your mind is clear enough, and your heart is open enough to study the ancient Oneness Teachings.

In this spiritually advanced yoga class, we learn how to connect with Shakti energy, how to feel the Kundalini within us, and how to raise our own energetic vibration. We study and adventure into the greatest truth: WE ARE ONE WITH ALL THAT IS. 

Sadhana literally means to accomplish something with skillful reverence. Advanced yogis and yoginis will focus on balancing the energetic centers in the body (chakras) and tap into these centers with the use of asana, pranayama, meditation, and life action steps. This advanced yoga class is not for the closed minded, be ready for anything and everything here.

This workshop style class begins with a brief lecture on a specific chakra and it's qualities. We examine how to bring our chakras into balance through life work, use of color, precious gems and sound, our eating habits, beliefs about ourselves and the world, and of course, yoga! But, then again, what isn't yoga? 

After reviewing the concepts of the chakra, we will begin our asana practice focused on bringing our chakras into balance. In addition to yoga poses, we will explore pranayamas, meditations, affirmations, and relaxation technique guiding us into a transcendental state. 

If you love the metaphysics of Deepak Chopra, the mysticism of Eckhart Tolle, the magic of Rumi, and wild wisdom of Martha Beck, the positivity of Rhonda Byrnes, and the nurturing self care of Eat, Pray, Love's Elizabeth Gilbert ... then you have found your home. 

We use the term advanced to describe this class not necessarily because of the postures, but more because we bury beyond your typical yoga class and into the philosophy of yoga. So, come, get your chakras aligned, and have a mind blowing experience! 

Note: Shakti Chakra Sadhana typically meets the 1st Saturday of each month. 

January: Heart Chakra

February: Throat Chakra

March: Third Eye

April: Crown Chakra