“Pam Medina is a woman of genuine Spiritual depth with a desire to connect with the essential Truths of Yoga. In her kirtan singing and performance and in her passion for teaching yoga the authenticity of her Spiritual rootedness is apparent through her Wisdom and Joy. These qualities set her apart from many less experienced and less authentic yoga teachers.”

Judy Wyle, Joy of Yoga                                                     


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“What an amazing service Pam is offering the world with her new yoga centre. I had the privledge of serving with her at Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville where her loving and compassionate nature assisted the new teachers as they completed their training. 
It was always a joy to break into song and chant with Pam, with either our voices and souls joining together or with Pam accompanying on the drum, carrying our devotion to the heavens.
I wish her every success in her venture and know that all who meet her will be blessed by her presence.”

Radha Rogers
Integral Yoga Dorset, UK

"I thought the retreat was perfect and look forward to attending another one. The music enchanted each pose and the hands on vibes and treatment was an added bonus!" - Tami, Waterford, NY 

"Pam is the best kept secret in the area!"-The Yoga Lily, Student

"My knee pain is gone!"-The Yoga Lily, Student

"I don't have to take my pain pill at night anymore!"-The Yoga Lily, Student

“Pam Medina is a bright spirit, someone you might not encounter more than once in your life.
Her incredible skills in yoga support her intuitive and holistic approach to healing. 
Pam takes healing personally and seriously, and as an environmentalist she connects her practice to the balance in nature. 
Pam has traveled to India in order to deepen her understanding of yoga and through this experience received a perspective on our global family and how desperately it needs love and care. 
Pam is a true believer; someone who practices what she preaches, and believes that this practice is essential to life itself. 
All of this - skill, spirit energy, commitment to holistic healing and balance come through in her teaching. 
Above all, Pam is a lover of humanity, and has one of the warmest, most accessible personalities I've ever encountered. 
Anyone who has the privilege of practicing yoga with Pam is sure to feel healing happening at the core.”

Kristen Arant

I met Pam at a crossroads in my life, when I was being pulled to a life of more meaning and fulfillment, one matching the longing I felt for peace, self-love and spiritual growth. Never having taken a formal Yoga class, I was drawn to Pam’s authentic spirit, and after one class with her I became one of her regulars.

The first class I took with Pam was Yoga trance dancing, her combination of traditional, gentle Yoga poses and a guided moving meditation exploring spontaneous body movement. With her music selection in the background and the gentle encouragement of her rich voice, she led us on a journey allowing our bodies to express deep messages from our souls.

Pam is a knowledgeable teacher, but more than teaching yoga, she teaches love for self, body, mind and soul. She is gifted in leading her students in the self discovery of Yoga while creating a safe, comfortable environment for all present.

Pam’s classes were instrumental in transforming my life, helping me through yoga to find my authentic self and purpose, tune in to my own inner wisdom and hear what my essential self wanted to do next. Now, as a Life Coach my experience in Pam’s classes is the experience I desire for my clients; providing a safe space for them to hear their inner wisdom and develop trust in their beautiful authentic selves!

If Pam Lunz has crossed your path, do not hesitate to take her Yoga classes, and be prepared to be blessed!

Mary Ellen Telesha
Certified Martha Beck Life Coach
Effective empowering coaching!
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"I have been a student of yoga for many years. Pam’s classes have had, by far, the biggest impact on my practice, but more importantly, my life. Pam combines a deep knowledge of different yoga styles with a creative and meditative energy that can't help but be passed on to her students. She encourages her students to trust their own intuition and body, yet she enables you to push past self-imposed boundaries and blockages, and these lessons are taken far off the yoga mat. I’ve never taken a class with Pam where I felt she was just “going through the motions.” While an essential part of them, classes are never solely about the body movement. Asanas are correlated to other elements, for instance the chakras or Mother Earth, making them not only a rewarding physical experience, but a meaningful spiritual one, as well. And Pam’s classes are fun! From drum beats and rhythms to groovy chants, music, energy, guided movement and free movement combined with Pam’s unfailing energy. Whether you are getting in touch with your inner playful child or dedicating your practice to reinforcing your personal mantra, you’ll leave class having found exactly what you needed."

- Jen Sain, Writer/Editor, Queensbury, NY