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TGIF Vinyasa Yoga

 Stage 2|Taught by Paige Goehrig

"Love Yourself More!" Pam Medina, Owner

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1 Barney Road #222 Clifton Park, NY

Are you ready to destress and unwind after the work week?

Release the tension that was created during the week and stand in strength and flow into a sacred space for an invigorating Friday evening. Combine asanas with pranayama and finish with meditation to welcome the weekend right through yoga for stress relief.

Working with the various aspects of yoga helps take the physical practice to a deeper mental and spiritual level and creates better coping strategies for dealing with the demands of your job and life. Yoga for stress relief may help one to gain flexibility, cultivate strength, and welcome a calmer mind.

Leave the class feeling ready to take on the weekend in full command!