What is Thai Yoga?

​Pam Lunz Medina, E-RYT

    Lovingkindness, or metta, is the foundation of Thai Yoga. Each motion of the hand is laid with the energy of compassion and a meditative mind. This, is why Thai Yoga practitioners believe that it is the best bodywork in the world!   Thai Yoga is where yoga, ayurveda, massage, meditation, and metta meet.  I believe this is why my most commonly heard remarks after a treatment is, “I feel like I’m flying.”

    Receivers rest on a comfy mat and dress in loose-fitting clothes. The only effort on your behalf is to simply be present with your breath.  The practitioner smoothly moves you through gentle and deep stretches. As she holds the pose for you,  your muscles are palmed, your energy lines opened, and the meditation is on your healing. It is all about you.

    Thai Yoga Release doesn’t merely work on the still body laying one position. The body is given movement, increasing range of motion and allowing the practitioner to attend to the muscles and energy lines more deeply and directly. This allows for a deeper release, relieving stress and tension in the muscles and joints. As this pain and tension is freed from the body, we also are able to let go of emotions and thought patterns that no longer serve us. 

     Throughout the session, you are guided to focus on the breath, sending more oxygen to every cell in the body, naturally inducing a meditative mindset, relieving stress and relaxing the entire system. Intuitively, your practitioner will work in rhythm with your breath, creating a dance between you and the practitioner.  Kam Thye Chow, author of Thai Yoga Massage, writes,” When there is mindfulness in a massage and a spiritual awareness, a sacred healing space is created.” 

     Whether you experience chronic pain or want to deepen your personal practice, Thai Yoga will help you understand the vital connection between the body and mind, developing a deeper understanding of your needs, your health and your true Self.  Every act of self nurturing increases self esteem by sending the message, deep into the body, that you care deeply for all your parts body, mind and your sacred Self. You and your body deserve that.

    In the words of Sri Swami Satchidanada, “The body is the recreational vehicle for the soul.” Let’s give it lots of metta so it can do our souls work!

   I am a certified yoga and meditation teacher and Thai Yoga practitioner. She studied directly with Kam Thye Chow, author of the best selling book, Thai Yoga Massage. Pam is certified to practice Thai Yoga Massage in Canada, but can use the word massage to describe what she offers in the state of NY. 

  I look forward to giving you are wonderful experience of being inside your own skin and forgetting about the world with Thai Yoga!


Pam Medina

Thai Yoga Sessions


Thai Yoga is a special service that Pam offers only to her current yoga, meditation, and trainee clientele.


One 90 Minute Session: $90


Thai Yoga Pack: Buy 3 Get One Free (4 Total) $270


1) Make An Appointment
Please call or Email for an Appointment in Clifton Park or at Pam's place in Queensbury.

2) Make a Deposit
A $30 non-refundable deposit is needed to reserve your time slot. (Below)

You may reuse your deposit if you cancel 24 hours in advance by phone only.

Remaining balance payable day of service upon arrival with cash or check.

3) How To Pay Deposit

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Deposit for One 90 Minute Session $30

Balance Due Upon Arrival: $60 Cash or Check=$90 


Deposit for Thai Yoga Pack (4 Sessions) $120 

Balance Due Upon 1st Visit:$150 Cash or Check =$270


1 Barney Road #222 Clifton Park, NY


1) Release of mental and emotion stress

2) Relieves muscular tension

3) Improves circulation

4) Boosts the immune system

5) Balances the body's energy

6) Increased flexibilty

7) Deep meditative experience

8) Calms the mind

9) Detoxifiying

10) Improved digestion

11) It feels good!

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