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Moon Yoga Training

DATE TBA - Ebb and flow, wax and wane, shine and go within all qualities of this great luminous being that emanates joyful from the heavens. Join me for a study of Moon Salutations, history, practice, benefits, how the moon relates to yoga and how it effect our body, mind, soul and the natural world, as well as moon rituals, moon magic, moon chants, and moon meditations, moon cycles, and lunar power, lunar calendar, and moon based cultures, moon wishing, moon songs, moon dances and moonlight. Moon willing, we will even get to do a little yoga beneath the full and glowing moon!
30 credits
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Gita Study Group

Next Oct-June, My Home in Queensbury, Every 2nd & 4th Fridays, 6ish-9pm The spirit of god is inside of you, and no other book has ever put it so poetically or profoundly for me as the great Bhagavad Gita! Join me and Ramakrishna in our cozy little humble abode for an amazing sangha building experience! Each meeting we will discuss 1 of the 18 Yogas Krishna (the divine within) gives Arjuna (the one who doubts). Our discussion will lead into ecstatic chant and transcendental meditation on the spirit of god within. I'd love to get your feedback on time as I am contemplating potluck before hand or tea after. I am soooooooo excited my heart is fluttering over this! 
38 credits
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