With Pam Medina, E-RYT

January 13th, 2018 - January 27th, 2018

A Luxurious 7 Day Guided Detox with Pam Medina!

Our warm winter cleanse involves eating a special dish of beans, spices, herbs, hearty vegetables and rice prepared to a savory perfection. This is the perfect way to eliminate toxins and holiday indulgences, while putting you on the right track for the year. No deprivation or cold chills from not eating. In fact, we encourage you to nourish yourself by eating and drink warm soothing food and beverages. You will not be hungry. This nutritious detox focuses on celebrating your body; caring for it deeply with warm bathes, oil massages and sweet cleansing rituals, including gentle yoga to support the movement of the bowels to release stagnation, bloating and build up in the body. You will end this 7 days feeling completely rejuvenated and relaxed. 

The Program Includes the Following:

7 One Hour Live Webinars

(All will be recorded live online, so if you miss something, you can catch up.)

Preparation Meeting w/ Live Q & A: Saturday, January 13th, 11am (Find Out What To Buy & Get Your Shopping List)

Midweek Cooking Class w/ Live Q & A: Thursday, January, 18th, 6pm (See me cook our meal and prepare it.) 

Night Before Check In w/ Live Q & A: Friday, January, 19th, 7pm 

Start Day Check In & Support w/ Q & A: Saturday, January 20th, 11am 

Midweek Support Group: Tuesday, January, 23rd, 6pm 

Last Night Preparation for Fast Breaking: Friday, January, 26th, 7pm 

Closing Ceremony & Check In: Saturday, January 27th, 11am 

2 Yoga Videos (30 Minutes each) 
Morning Yoga- Focusing on elimination, detoxification and energizing the body for your day ahead. 
Evening Yoga- Focusing on balancing and relaxing the nervous system & repairing the body. Yours to Keep! 

1 Yoga Nidra MP3

15 minutes of bliss to help to destress mid-day.

Yours to Keep! 

Videos on How To: 
Practice Skin Brushing 
Take an Oil Bath 
Practice Tongue Scraping 
Prepare Delicious Teas 

1 Guided Meditation

A meditation to support your healing, you can play it in the bathtub!


Yours to Keep!

Lifetime Facebook Support Group Online

Share your experience with others and get support!

Daily Journal Prompts

Go deep into your practice with reflections to help you get the most out of your healing process.

This Warm Winter Cleanse is the perfect way to rest and repair your digestive system, clear your mind, regain sense of clarity, reconnect with your purpose, lose weight, gain energy, and reverse the holidays! 

How Much? 
If we were to do this at a retreat center for 7 days, this would cost us over $2500 to do this. Yes, all the meals would be prepared for us, but you would not know how to do this yourself. However, I believe that if you teach a man to fish, they will have food for a lifetime. If you were to pay me just for my coaching time and videos alone, we would be talking about $735. But, I want you guys to be able to afford this, right? I want as many people as possible to participate, feel better, and get healthy together! You know how crazy I am about you guys! That's why I am offering this Warm Winter Cleanse to you, my yoga tribe, for a ridiculous price, ready?


Event/Workshop purchases are non-refundable. Please contact our administrator with any questions.

Warm Winter Cleanse Online

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Call Now:  

However, I want you to commit to this before the holidays so you can begin to get mentally prepared to nurture your self on this very deep and loving level! That's why, I am going to do something even crazier! If you register before January 1st, you'll this entire care package for $147!

So, you'll save 50 bucks.

Register Now $147 

Yes, my loves, happy holidays! You are going to give yourself the gift of mind, body, spirit restoration with the actual savings of $2353!

After your purchase, you will receive a receipt. Once January hits, you will receive an email reminder that our Warm Winter Cleanse is starting soon with directions on how to access our Private Facebook 7 Day Detox Group, PDF with our shopping list and a reminder of our Live Chat Schedule!

Can't make it to an Live Chat? No worries! It is all recorded and you can always write your questions after the chat and I will write back to you or answer it in the next Live Chat. I'm totally there for you my loves!

This is going to be so enjoyable. ​Together we will experience what it is to feel truly supported and encouraged on our self care journey. We will taste scrumptious herbs and sip delectable teas, we will smell aromatic spices and bathe ourselves in the richness of the earth. The earth has so much to offer us if we only make space to let her in!

I've done guided cleanses like this before online and always felt like the guide could have done more, and I was pay so much more too! I am so happy to be able to share this gift of love and restoration with you. It really is amazing how good we can make ourselves feel! Please join me in the delightful Warm Winter Cleanse Online.

You deserve to feel incredibly wonderful!

Register Now $147 

*Remember, the price will go up to $197 as of Jan 1st! So, make that resolution now love!

Cost of Ingredients

Your Warm Winter Cleanse can be very affordable. Of course, organic ingredients will give you the best results, but that is not always available. A conventional cleanse will also work wonders, so don’t stress if that works better for you, for any reason. Your cost of food and other cleansing support tools should the cost between $100- $200, depending on your choice of organic or conventional cleanse products. Not bad, considering how much we typically spend on one week’s worth of food.

Remember, you won’t be going out to lunch or dinner this week, so you can use that money towards your nutrient rich cleanse. And, since you won’t be grabbing anything extra to munch on, you can spend a few extra bucks to treat yourself to the organic sesame oil if you so choose to.

As this loving detox comes closer, we will send you a PDF of all the ingredients you need to get started, as well as online options for shopping. Residents of the Greater Capital Region will receive local list.

This is going to be so much fun! I’m so excited!

Register Now $147 

Share this info with friends and family! Let’s get as many people we can in our lives to feel healthy, happy & whole again!

About Pam Medina

Pam has fasted successfully for 10 years with both mono-food diets and juice fasts. She has used fasting and cleansing techniques to repair her gut, lose weight, gain energy, realign her purpose and heal other ailments such as constipation, pancreatitis, and candida albicans. She also feels most connected to her higher power during this periods and fasting and cleansing, entering very deep states of meditation and prayer. You can watch her most recent 108 Day Juice Fast on YouTube (active link). She does not recommend Juice Fasting in the winter, as juice fast dramatically drop the body temperature and can cause pre-existing problems to flare up. Of course, as with as diet, it is recommended you consult your physician with the details of this program before embarking on this Warm Winter Cleanse.

Register Now for $147

Let’s nurture ourselves back to health together!