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Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Introduction To Teaching Yin Yoga

Yin yoga shifts ordinary yoga workouts, turning them into deep transformative journeys through the physical and energetic body. Trainees will learn the benefits of bringing Yin Yoga techniques into the classroom. We will explore how to ease in yin postures safely and effectively. We examine how to use yin style yoga to induce a meditative class, and how to interject it into traditional yang style classes. 

Since yin yoga works beyond the superficial layers of the muscle, getting into the fascia, joints and sinew, clients will feel the effects of their practice long after they have left their mat. We will study some of the favorite yoga poses to help clients release hidden areas of tension and stress. Together, we will practice the poses, teach the poses and get inspired to bring a new awareness to our clients and ourselves. 

We will be introduced to the world of yin and leave prepared to sprinkle a little bit of yin into our yang. We will also be able to teach up to 8 new yin yoga poses, communicate their benefits and assist clients in making adaptations for each pose. An introduction to the meridians will also be examined.

Part 1: 
Introduction to Teaching Yin Yoga = 12 CEU's, 10 Contact & 2 Non-Contact

Friday, June 29th, 6pm-9pm & Saturday, June 30th 11am- 6pm

Open to yoga teachers.

Early Bird: By June 1st

How To Apply

1) Send proof of your 200 Hour Yoga Teaching Certificate to

2) Make payment via paypal below.

3) An email will be sent to you with the pre-requisite reading required. 

Yin Yoga Teacher Training


Part 1: Introduction to Teaching Yin Yoga=                June 29th- 30th, 2018

            10 CEU's

Bhagavad Gita Book Study: Oct. 2018

Part 2: Yin Yoga for Lower Body: Legs,                      Hips, Lower Back 

Part 3: Yin Yoga for Upper Body: Neck, 

            Shoulders, & Upper Back