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Yin Yoga Training For Lower Body

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

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Yin Yoga For Upper Body

Upcoming Yoga Teacher Trainings:

September 28th-29th, 2018

            Part 2: Yin Yoga For Upper Body: 

             Neck, Shoulders, & Upper Back


October 14th- Dec 16th, 2018

             Bhagavad Gita Book Study: 

January 4th-5th, 2019 
            Part 3: Yin Yoga for Lower Body:

            Legs, Hips, Lower Back 



Teaching Yin Yoga For The Upper Body:

Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back

Do you have clients that complain of neck and shoulder pain, difficulty breathing, or stiffness in the upper back? Then this training will help you relieve the pain and suffering from your students body and they will be singing your glorious name! Most modern yoga classes focus on quick movements to strengthen and tone the body, leaving out the all important slow penetrating movements that melt tension in the deeper layers of sinew and myofascia. 

In an era when phone neck, keyboards and wired bras are contorting the shape of our upper body and breathing chamber, we need to bring upper body yin yoga poses into our yang classes! As a leader of health and wellness, you can help to reverse these effects, and keep your clients coming back for more! 

Yin yoga trainees will learn the benefits of bringing Yin techniques into the classroom. We will explore how to ease in yin postures safely and effectively. We will examine how to use yin style yoga to induce a meditative moments in class, and how to interject it into traditional yang style classes. 

Since yin yoga works beyond the superficial layers of the muscle, getting into the fascia, joints, tendons and ligaments, clients will feel the effects of their practice long after they have left their mat. We will study some of the favorite yoga poses to help clients release hidden areas of tension, injury and stress. Together, we will practice the poses, teach the poses and get inspired to bring a new awareness to our clients bodies and enjoy this ourselves. 

We will continue our education as yoga teachers, as we explore these yin yoga techniques to relieve agony, regain mobility, improve posture and give freedom to the upper spine in this weekend yoga teacher training. We will gain clarity on how to care for students when they complain of pain in the neck, frozen shoulder, upper back pain, shallow breathing, and the embarrassment of being hunched over.

Together, as yoga teachers we can help the clients we love and care for to be proud of their posture, and rid themselves of unnecessary burdens they bare on their shoulders! You and your clients will be rejuvenated from these yin yoga practices! Together we can celebrate our yintuition! 

CEU's:12 Continuing Education Units, 10 Contact & 2 Non-Contact, Available for Yoga Teachers 

Pre-Requisites: None, but suggested reading helpful. 

Dates:Friday, Sept 28th, 6pm-9pm & Saturday, Sept 29th 11am- 6pm

Early Bird: By Sept 1st

How To Apply

1) Send proof of your 200 Hour Yoga Teaching Certificate to pam@theyogalily.com.

2) Make payment via paypal below.

3) An email will be sent to you with the pre-requiste reading .