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Yoga 101 for Beginner’s
This is a wholistic yoga course that will give you an overall understanding of yoga. Each week we will focus on a philosophical and practical aspect of yoga. Learn how yoga can help your body, calm your mind, and benefit your life when you are not on a mat.

Week 1: The Meaning of Yoga-  What does yoga mean? How old is it? What are its origins?What is yoga? Learn how to breath properly in 20of the most famous yoga poses.

Week 2: Doing The Yoga Poses- How do I get the most out of each yoga pose? Learn how to get the most out of your yoga poses by using the proper approach. Continue to perfect the poses learn last week and learn a few more.

Week 3: Yoga & The Body- How can yoga benefit my body? Discover the overall benefits of yoga in 25 yoga poses.

Week 4: Yoga & The Mind- Can yoga help me think more clearly? Learn what to do with your mind during, after , and between our 25 poses to help gain mental clarity. Experience a short introduction to meditation.

Week 5: Yoga & Emotions- Emotional release that may happen when you begin a yoga practice. Can yoga help me manage my emotions? Continue to explore up to 25 yoga poses.

Week 6: Yoga & Religion- What does yoga say about god & religion? Experience 25 yoga poses and the practice of yogic inquiry while we learn about the open heart of yoga.

Week 7: Yoga & Deep Relaxation: A review of what we have already covered.  (Only if your course includes 7 weeks.)

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Yoga 102 For Beginner's 
During Yoga 102 for Beginner's we will continue to explore the current yoga poses and begin to learn more yoga poses, as well as how to deepen and explore the yoga poses we have already learned. We will increase our depth of understanding of yoga with the following topics:

Week 1: Yoga & Stress- How can yoga help me relax?  

Week 2: The Alignment of the Body: How do I find correct alignment without a teacher watching me?

Week 3: The Muscles Of Yoga: How does yoga make me more flexible?

Week 4: The Philosophy of Yoga: Who Am I? 

Week 5: Yoga & Lifestyle? How can I feel this good all the time?

Week 6: Yoga & Meditation: How does yoga link to meditation?

Week 7: Yoga for Your Internal Organs: How does yoga benefit our digestive and nervous system? What about our brain function and circulatory system?

Week 8: Yoga in My Relationships: How can I apply the teachings of yoga with my partner, friendships & co-workers?

And Much More...