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Yoga for Core Stability

 Stage 1 &2 | Class with Melia Gordon, RYT

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This class is open to everyone, post-birth/post-natal people encouraged, no baby engagement, can bring non-mobile babies. All people will benefit from having this core awareness and relaxation that yoga can bring!

Build core strength and inner strength with our unique strength training yoga class designed to increase flexibility and improve balance. 

We will work through mixed level yoga poses for strength building and balance.  Create a strong connection with mind and body, while exploring various challenging core strengthening yoga poses.  All of this will translate into finding ease within your own body, as well as a reduced risk of injury from daily activities. Core strength yoga asanas are meant to stabilize the torso and spin, protecting your whole body. 

The core strength yoga class will conclude with a brief relaxation and meditation to completely relax and restore you for what lays ahead.