How It Works

1) Pick your course(s) & commit to it! Commit to yourself!

Make Ups

1) Make Up 1 missed class that you paid for, anytime during your session with any teacher, space pending.

2) Make Up unlimited missed classes with same teacher during your session.

3) If you can’t attend your make up your class(es) for any reason, send someone else, but they must sign our waiver.

4) Ensure that your assigned teacher has issued you a Make Up when you’ve missed a class.

5) Keep your make up with the same teacher when possible. The teachers you are not assigned to do not get paid for your make up classes. They offer this as a service.

*No refunds. Your attendance is critical to your progress and impact on your life.


1) We reserve the right not to host a course in the event registration is below 6 people. In this rare event, we host the initial class, then offer you the opportunity to switch courses or receive a full refund.

2) Enroll in Remind for Inclement Weather Cancelations via email or text.

​3) In the event we cancel a class due to inclement weather or any other reason, your course's session will extend out the one more week, and the new session for that course will begin 1 week later.

Enjoy your Yoga!


Cash, Check, or Credit In-Person or Credit Online

1) Yoga & Wellness Courses Specific to Each Listing. Ex: $33, $66, $77, $88, etc. 2) Single/Drop In Class $18

3) Make Up Classes $0

* Courses cannot be combined or purchased partially.

Choose the payment most affordable for you. 

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