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During Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training You Will Be Immersed in the Yogic Experience: 

​​​200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Classes
With Pam Medina, E-RYT
23 Years Experience

Elevate Your Personal Yoga Practice Through Yoga Teacher Training

- Become a true yogi/yogini by participating in a wholistic yoga teacher training program that addresses all 8 limbs of yoga.

- Be guided on every level of body, mind, and spirit towards greater personal growth, self-acceptance and understanding.

- Rise up through one chakra (energetic vortex) each month as we study the energy body, awakening your inner shakti.

- Unveil the sacred history, roots, legend and magic of yoga!

- Revel in the mind-blowing philosophy of ancient Oneness teachings through yogic scriptures and experiential workshops.

- Practice teaching in a safe, nurturing, and empowering environment.

- Get  inspired by your fellow yoga teacher trainees and director to teach from your heart and soul!

- Embody yourself as yoga teacher, leader, and healer, exactly as you are, right now, today!

- Cultivate a supportive spiritual yoga community that you can grow and thrive in, with people that share a similar heart song.

- Know deep within you, what you have to share is important and can change someone’s life!

Yoga Intructor Training Clifton Park NY

Become a Yoga Teacher Today! 

What You Have to Share is Invaluable and can Change Someone's Life

The Yoga Lily Yoga Teacher Training Program

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Providing Inclusive 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training to the greater capital region: Saratoga Springs, Ballston Spa, Malta, Clifton Park, Waterford, Troy, Albany, and Schenectady.

- Study with Pam Medina, an authentic and down-to-earth yoga teacher, who will work with you to develop the self-confidence and clarity you need to be a compassionate, knowledgeable yoga teacher.

- Learn the language you will need to lead beautiful yoga classes.

- Study different aspects of yoga, including more than 40 asanas (yoga poses), deep relaxation techniques, and at least 3 pranayamas (breathing practices).

- Acquire sequencing skills to help create a seamless flow of postures.

- Learn how to teach to all body types, adapting each asana to different body types (including your own), making your yoga classes accessible to a wide range of body types and individual needs.

- Focus on mastering monthly yogic principles (yama) & observances (niyama

“Teacher training solidified my daily practice, my love for yoga and my knowledge of yoga. Before, my home practice was sporadic, but TT solidified my love for yoga and it became threaded into the fabric of my life and being.”

-Jaime Pawlinga, YTT 2015

“I have the confidence to teach, to stand up in front of people I don't know and be myself. I never had that before.”

-Reinaldo Medina, YTT 2015

“The experience seeped into my bones. It helped me delve deeper into my own unsettled beliefs about religion, faith, God, yoga and true meditation.”

-Christine Lapinski, YTT 2015

“I'm more positive because I have the breathing tools, movements, and mental take-aways that cut down on stress and keep things in perspective in my day to day life.”
-Taylor McKnenna, YTT 2015

“Pam is accepting of herself and others. She’s warm. She creates an atmosphere where you don't feel you have to be perfect to be loved and worthy of happiness.” 
-Julia Dinnar, YTT 2015

Yoga Teacher Training Course: Recent Graduate Testimonials

 "If you want to master something, teach it."- Yoga Bhajan

Deepen your own practice. Become a Yoga Teacher. 

Embark on a sacred journey to the deep, beautiful, boundless, divine yoga teacher within you!  
Change your life forever, your relationship with yourself, and the world! 

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1 Barney Road #222 Clifton Park, NY

- Explore meditation techniques that will reduce stress and uplift mood from the ancient vedic & mystical tantric yoga traditions.

- Discover the benefits and anatomy of each yoga pose, as well as the contraindications, and  how each pose affects our muscles, organs, and energy system.

- Gain experience through assistant teaching yoga classes and receive 1:1 feedback.

- Learn how to start teaching yoga upon graduation regarding insurance, marketing, yoga alliance registry, and finding opportunities to teach yoga.

- Receive ongoing support after graduation. Become part of our growing sangha (spiritual community).

- Yoga Alliance Registered School, so you can become a registered yoga teacher and take your training with you throughout the world.