​​The Sacred Science of Yoga- Learn the history, philosophy & science of yoga. Be able to communicate the fundamental benefits of yoga and mindfulness to your students. Develop a home yoga practice, the diet & lifestyle. Discover how god, religion, emotions & sex relate to yoga.

Teaching Yoga & Teaching Practicum: Each week will be dissect a yoga pose, examining its benefits, contraindications, modifications and effective teaching skills. 

How To Know Yourself- Discover who really are! You are not reduced down t skin and bones, immortal soul you are! You are spirit personified! Develop a relationship with the god within you! 

Meditation for Stress Relief- Learn how to calm the mind and cultivate a meaningful meditation practice that you look forward too. Embrace the benefits of meditation and be able to teach them beginner meditation techniques as a yoga teacher. 

The Rejuvenating Science of Ayurveda- Through a workshop with ayurveda specialist, Linda Tipke, incorporate self care techniques that nurture and repair the body from the inside out. Learn your body type and how you can personalize your home yoga practice. 

The Yoga Sutras & Living Your Love- Drink in the ancient teaching of the Father of Yoga, Patanjali, as we examine the core teachings of the yoga sutras, in this 2000 year old text. Begin to embody what it really means to be a living yogi as we study and implement the ethical guidelines of yoga which leads to enlightenment. 

Yoga & The Healthy Mind- Dr. Amina Mahmood, Ph.D and yogini, will give us a closer look at the mental health benefits of our yoga and meditation practice.  

Pranayama Workshops- Absorb the benefits of breathing techniques, how to soak up more energy through your breath. Learn how to teach students proper breathing and how to trouble shoot. 

Community Solstice Celebration- We celebrate our holiday season and the winter solstice with a beautiful free yoga ceremony. As a yoga teacher trainee, you will have the opportunity to share what you have learn your first year of training. 

Karma Yoga- "Live to serve and then you will be always be happy!", said Sri Swami Satchidananda. We will have the opportunity to cleanse our karma joyously with clean up activities in the studio and on Earth Day. 

Special Guests- Enjoy visits from experienced yoga teachers to share their wisdom, insights, and techniques. 

Yoga Business- If you want to fill your classes, you'll have to do more than just be an amazing yoga practitioner and excellent yoga teacher. You will need to learn a few tricks of the trade to let people know about what you are offering and how you can help them. Find out how to advertise and promote your classes. 

Restorative & Chakra Yoga Workshops: Get a special treat, 2 3 hour workshops that will revitalize your every cell and help restore you to sanity. You deserve to relax, even when your working full time and studying to become a yoga teacher. 

Relaxation Techniques- After you've given your clients the perfect yoga poses for their appropriate physical needs and desires, it's time to get into bliss. Learn a scientifically proven method to take your clients from nervous wreck to utterly peaceful with yoga nidra. 

Hands On Yoga- Learn a few hands on techniques that will turn your class and your teaching skills from great to "the best"! Find out what to do when your students and your verbal cues just arenlt working. 

Chanting- Learn ancient sanskrit chants that will create a beautiful mood and let your yoga students know you have deeply studied real yoga with an authentic teacher. 

Get Empowered to Teach!

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Yoga Teacher Training Clifton Park

1 Barney Road #222 Clifton Park, NY

October 6, 2019- October 4th 2020 

Application Deadline September 6th



*Experience a beginner's yoga class.

* Get a taste of yoga philosophy.

*Receive a brief intro to yoga anatomy. 

* Experience what it is like to teach a mini yoga class. 

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Yoga Teacher Training Calendar

 New 1 Year Program!

OCTOBER 6TH, 2019- OCTOBER 4th 2020 

Sundays, 11:00-5:00p



Oct 13th: No YTT, Columbus Day 

Nov 10th: No YTT, Veteran's Day

Dec 1st: No YTT, Thanksgiving

Dec 29th: No YTT, Holiday Week


Jan 19th: No YTT, Martin Luther King  Day

Feb 9th & 16th: No YTT, Sacred India Tour

April 12th & 19th: No YTT, Spring Break

May 10th: No YTT, Mother's Day

May 24th: No YTT, Memorial Day

June 21st: No YTT, Father's Day

July 5th: No YTT, Fourth Of July Weekend
Aug 2nd: No YTT, Every Woman a Goddess Yoga Retreat

​Sept 6th: No YTT, Labor Day


Snow Dates

Take Place in 2020 on a Saturday During Same Hours:

March 7th, March 28th, April 4th, May 2nd, May 30th, June 6th

*Enjoy our outdoor classroom in the warmer months! :)

Plus: Your​ home yoga & meditation practice.