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Work Study
Work Study is an opportunity to trade your skills and time in exchange for yoga classes. You are able to give a service that our patrons benefit from and in turn, you receive a quality yoga class. Work study is available on a limited basis. The duties that are required of you are listed after the class that you would receive. Work study agreements last for the 2 month sessions and may continue longer, but we do want to give everyone a fair chance. Work Study volunteers must be reliable, joyful, and thorough in the efforts. The position may end in the event the classes have not filled, the working relationship is not harmonious, or the class schedule changes. Work Study  volunteers understand that they are not employed by The Yoga Lily and therefore we are not responsible to provide employment benefits.

Work Study Positions Available:
Sunday 9:30am: Arrive @ 9:15am- (Winter Only) Turn On Heaters & Air Diffuser at 9:15am, Wipe Down Bathroom before class, Take Attendance.

2) Sunday 11am: Arrive @ 10:45am- (Until September Only) Take Attendance (Winter Only), Vacuum and Water Plants after class.

3) Monday 7:30pm: Arrive @ 7:20pm- Take Attendance, Dust & Vacuum & Change out Mat Clothes after class.

4) Tuesday 11am: Arrive @ 10:45am- Start heaters & Air Diffuser at 10:45a, Wipe Down Bathroom, Take Attendance, Vacuum After class.

5) Wednesday 4:30pm: Arrive @ 4:15pm- (Winter Only) Start heaters & Air Diffuser. Wipe Down & Straighten Waiting Area.

6) Wednesday 7:30pm: Arrive @ 7:20pm- Take Attendance, Vacuum & Wipe Down Bathroom After Class.

7) Thursday 11am: Arrive @ 10:45am- Turn on Heaters & Diffuser, Take Attendance, Vacuum & Water Plants.

Apply For Work Study
Please send an email to with the reason you are requesting work study, the time slot you are requesting, your experience with the chores that need to be done, as well as a statement of reliability and your level of commitment.